HBCU Festival – Seminar Topics

You Can Successfully Transition to College: Let Us Show You How! #CollegeTransition

This seminar introduces participants to the academic and co-curricular services and programs vital to successful transition into the college and university environment. . The goal is to empower students to take responsibility for their social and academic choices while enabling them to make well-informed decisions for college success.

Topics Include: Strategies and Behaviors that Lead to Academic Success * Campus Involvement * University Policies and Codes of Conduct (Rights and Responsibilities; Academic Dishonesty, etc.) * Campus Resources and Support Services * Creating a Schedule that Works * Controlling Distractions and Avoiding Procrastination * Academic Goal-Setting

Black College Sports: Staying Focused as a Student-Athlete #HBCUStudentAthlete

This seminar supports the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for HBCU student-athletes, encouraging holistic well-being, personal and academic growth, mature decision-making skills, and a commitment to the campus and surrounding community. The discussion will focus on student-athlete development in four critical areas: academics, personal development, career development, and community service.

Topics Include: Athletic Scholarships * NCAA Rules * Graduations Statistics for HBCU Athletes * Intellectual Development of Student-Athletes * Academic Goal Setting * Personal Growth * Career and Life Goals * The Importance of Community Service

Paying for College: Scholarships, Loans, and Federal Aid #ShowMeTheMoney

This seminar provides parents and students with pertinent information to pay for college, including the types of financial aid available, required forms and timing for the best financial aid package, and scholarship research and application strategies. This seminar will feature a detailed review of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the importance of this application! You do not want to miss this seminar!

Topics Include: Ways to pay for college – grants, loans, savings, scholarships, work * Which money is free and which must be paid back * Important forms, dates, and deadlines * Scholarship research strategies

College Tips for Parents (Parents Only) #Prep4Parents

This seminar will help parents learn more about the college experience and how to productively engage in the experience without interfering with their college student’s growing independence. Parents will also learn what they can do during the final months of their student’s high school senior year to help prepare for college success.

Topics Include: * Understanding Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other parental rights * Preparing students early for college success* Making a successful transition from high school to college * Handling the growth in your new college student * Embracing your new role as a college parent * Maintaining or Improving communication with your college student

STEM Education and Careers: Is It a Good Fit for You? #STEM

Minority Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professionals will expose students to educational and career paths in STEM fields to spark interest and provide information and support to those with STEM career aspirations.

Topics Include: Surviving STEM in College * STEM Career Paths * Demystify the STEM landscape (not Nerdy!) *

Leveling the Academic Playing Field: How to Use Disability Services #LevelingTheField

Academic accommodations are modifications provided to students for equal access to the learning environment. This seminar will provide information on legal guidelines, policies, and entitlements for college students with disabilities to level the academic playing field and ensure the same college success.

Topics Include: Secondary and Post-Secondary Disability Laws * The Need for Self- Disclosure * The Role for Self Advocacy

What You Should Know About Greek Life #HBCUGreekLife

There are great, life-long benefits to joining fraternity or sorority. This seminar will enlighten students of things to consider before committing to an organization, including the financial, academic, and social costs of joining.

Topics Include: Things to Consider Before Joining a Greek Organization * How to Research Organizations * How to Maintain Academics * What You Should Know About Hazing

Internship Opportunities #Internships

Every year, the federal government and companies in the private industry offer paid internships, allowing students to apply classroom skills in a real-world setting while exposing students from a wide range of academic majors to the work environment. This seminar will provide eligibility and application requirements for this unique opportunity.

Topics Include: Application and Selection Process * Internship Assignments * Introduction to participating Government Agencies and Companies in Private Industry

Surviving College as a Christian #CollegeChristian

Going to college doesn’t have to mean losing your disciplined Christian life. This seminar will help students transition to college without compromising their walk with the Lord.

Topics Include: Dealing with Stress, Loneliness, and Emotional Challenges * Losing Religion and Finding God * Staying Grounded in New Environments

Preparing for Your Career Success #CareerSuccess

This seminar will inform students of the importance of aligning their gifts and passions to choose the right education and career path for success and happiness in life. The students will also learn about resume writing, interviewing skills, and dressing for success.

Topics Include: The Purpose of a Resume * How to Prepare for an Interview * Understand Life-Long Career Planning * How to Align Interests and Skills with a Potential Career Path (including for those who require specific accommodations),

Scholarship Writing: A Hand’s On Workshop #TeamNoStudentLoans

As a follow-on to Paying for College: Scholarships, Loans, and Financial Aid, this seminar will provide specific scholarship writing details that will increase your potential to obtain a scholarship. This seminar will teach participants how to write a clear and concise scholarship essay, effectively structure a response with and without prompts, and write engaging content with brevity.

Topics Include: Recognizing the Need to Answer the Question * Creating a Writing Schedule that Works * Building a Team of Beta-Readers (someone who reads your work and offers input while it is in draft form).

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