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Non-Member Assistance

Alfred Street Baptist Church’s
Non-Member Assistance Program

  1. “Click Here to Download and Complete and Print out the ASBC Non Member Poor Saints Benevolence Form” Service Schedules

  2. Click Here to Download/Complete and Print Out a W9 Form

Non-Member Assistance

Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, we believe God has called us to minister and provide assistance to those in need. It is only through the blessings we have received from God, through Jesus Christ that we are able to offer assistance and support.

Nature of Assistance:

We provide limited financial assistance to help with the payment of rent and utilities ONLY. In addition, we will offer you nonperishable food items form our food pantry.

Time of Assistance:

Request for assistance are processed every Tuesday from 11:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m. for rental and utilities and Food Pantry, 10:00 a. m. to 2:00 p. m.

Place of Assistance:

We are located in the Fellowship Hall at 301 South Alfred Street. You can access the Fellowship Hall from the parking lot located in the back of the church building.

What to bring when requesting assistance:

To request rental assistance:

  • A copy of your Photo ID
  • Statement of your rental account
  • Completed W-9 Form (download) This form should be completed by the landlord only.
  • Completed Assistance Request Form (download)

To request assistance with essential utilities (light, gas, water):

  • A Copy of your Photo ID
  • Delinquent Bill (must be in the name of the person seeking assistance)
  • Completed Assistance Request Form (download)

To request food assistance:


Please Note:

Requests are processed on Tuesday of each week and are subject to the discretion and approval of the church officials. Completion of this process is not a guarantee that you will receive assistance. If your request is approved, checks and payments will only be made to the utility or housing provider.NO CHECKS OR PAYMENTS WILL BE ISSUED IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON MAKING THE REQUEST.

Forms Available for Download:

  • W-9
  • ASBC Request for Assistance Form (Benevolence)
  • Food Pantry Assistance Request Form

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Alfred Street Baptist Church
301 South Alfred Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Office Number: (703) 683-2222