Background: The Alfred Street Baptist Church has a long history of missional work in Liberia particularly with the Lott Carey Mission School and Rick’s Institute. Most schools in Liberia are not free to attend; tuition is required and if your family saved enough for tuition, some essentials go lacking. Pubescent girls will miss school on average 84 days out the year due to the lack of proper equipment for their menstrual cycle. They miss essential class time and sometimes fall behind. Help us to meet the need of our girls to see that their education is without interruption.

Goal: 170K-300K pads, along with the other feminine products.

Mission: To collect and ship a year’s worth of feminine hygiene products for 450-500 pubescent Liberian girls ages 12-18 from ASBC to two locations Liberia: Lott Carey Mission School and Rick’s Institute.

Items to be Collected: sanitary pads (overnight, super, and regular sizes) and liners, wipes, underwear, and t-shirts. Organic feminine products are welcome but NO tampons accepted.Monetary donations for this project should be labeled Sisters4Sisters Project.
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Consider sponsoring a girl (84 days x 7 pads/day = 588 pads needed) and buy in bulk! Costco and Sam’s Club seem to have the best prices at approximately $10 per case.

Online purchases may be shipped to the church:

Alfred Street Baptist Church
c/o Sisters4Sisters Project for Liberia
301 S. Alfred Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

For more information, please email gro.teertsderfla@snoissim or gro.teertsderfla@nemow.