Administrative Staff



It is our desire to honor God through our work. To that end, we will do God’s work with the qualities we most value: integrity, grace, excellence, relevance, authenticity, passion, humility, faith, commitment, joy and love.

Dr. Elaine Crider
Church Administrator


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Dr. Elaine Crider, Church Administrator
Rosette T. Graham, Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Candacé M. Jackson, Executive Assistant to the Church Administrator
Pierre Lawson, Administrative Support Specialist
Tanoa Ashton, Administrative Support Specialist
Raymond Bell, Receptionist
LaMonica Walton, Receptionist
Aubrey Troutman, PT – Receptionist

Audio/Visual Multimedia
Jeffrey Jackson, AV Media, Manager
Bobby Lacey II, AV/Multimedia Specialist
Angela Hatcher, Editor/Lead Graphics Technician

Carla Welborn, Communications and Marketing Director

Verna Payne, Sr. Culinary Coordinator
Carol Bolding, Culinary Coordinator
Barrington Taylor, Culinary Coordinator

Facilities & Maintenance
Meloney Driver, Facilities Manager
Samuel Dagne, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Nathan Johnson, Facilities Technician Supervisor
Opoku Boamah, Senior Facilities Technician
Raymond Bell, Senior Facilities Technician
Lionel Evans, Facilities Technician
Thomas Horne, Facilities Technician

Dr. Sedric Roberts, MBA, Finance Director
Venus Coley, CPA, Controller
Delharty M. Manson, Sr., Financial Analyst
Brenda Farrare, Financial Services Coordinator
Edward Monk, Accounting Assistant
Min. Anthony J. Brownlow, M.Div., MBA Budget Analyst
Kathy Keyvani, Accounting Assistant

Human Resources
Shelena Hollinger, Human Resources Manager
Angela Liggans, Human Resources Assistant
Tamara Smith, Member Services Coordinator

Information Technology
Milton Miller, Information Technology Manager
Nancy C. Doswell, ACS Data Analyst

Ministry Program Services
April P. Hicks, Ministry Program Director
Gerald Holden, Ministry Program Associate
Whitney Lockett, Ministry Program Coordinator

Music & Worship Arts
M. Joyce Garrett, Music Director
Raechelle Bolding, Music Ministry Coordinator
Marcus Johnson, Choir Director
Melvin Bryant, Choir Director
Carl Cragway, Choir Director
Theodore Thorpe, Choir Director
Stephanie.Cunningham, PT – Kids Choir Director
Jamal Lee, PT – Orchestra Director
Keith Perkins, PT – Orchestra Director
Charnika Hayes, PT – Drama
Eboni Jones, PT – Liturgical Dance
Harriett Smith, PT – Hand Bell Director
Roderick Giles, PT – Gospel Inspirers Director
Rakiya Diggs, PT – Children’s Church Director
Deborah Easter, PT – Jr. Gospel Inspirers Director

Alfred Street Baptist Church
301 South Alfred Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Office Number: (703) 683-2222