Family Life

The Bridge Ministry Program


The Bridge Ministry program, formerly known as the singles ministry, brings together singles of all ages — never married, divorced or widowed who want to deepen their relationship with God. You’ll find ways to connect with Him and others through seminars, prayer partnering, mission outreach and fellowship.

Career Development Ministry Program


The Career Development Ministry (CDM) program provides career development information and support to individuals seeking employment and/or career advice of various kinds. The CDM desires to encourage, equip and empower participants to achieve success and pursue purpose in their careers. We provide modern tools and strategies through workshops that are focused on online job searches, resume development, networking, pay negotiations, and interviewing techniques for private – and federal – sector jobs, just to name a few.

Entrepreneurs Ministry


The MISSION of the Entrepreneurship Ministry (EM) is to inspire and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs while fostering a collaborative environment for current business owners in an ethical and Christ-like manner. Our VISION is to build a community of successful, trustworthy business owners who provide access to services and opportunities for ASBC members and beyond.


Business Directory

Going Green Ministry


The Going Green Ministry is dedicated to Community Stewardship Awareness. . It is our mission to help those in our church family and community understand the importance of having a sustainable environment through education and outreach efforts. The Going Green Ministry is more than just about recycling, we hope to help each one of our church family members understand the relationship we have with maintaining a balance with God and nature, so that our home is here for future generations.

Marriage Ministry

Married Couples

The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to enrich the lives of couples and those engaged to be married to bring them to a closer and more intimate relationship with God and their spouses through Biblical education, workshops, retreats, conferences, seminars, and recreational activities.

Men’s Ministry


The Alfred Street Baptist Church Men’s Ministry strives to equip all men to win the world for Christ through biblical studies, fellowship, stewardship and service; empowering all men to strengthen their personal relationship with Christ and become professional fishers of men.

Military Ministry Program


The Military Ministry program supports all veterans and their families by building and sustaining relationships that connect Christians and military affiliated communities. We are committed to equipping and growing today’s veterans, individuals who have a culture of getting the job done, for discipleship armed with Love, Divine Fellowship, Excellence, and a Can-Do Spirit.

Seasoned Saints (Seniors Ministry)


The purpose of the Seniors Ministry is to identify and address the spiritual, educational, personal, health, safety and social support needs of our senior members and to reach out to seniors in the community and invite them to experience Christian fellowship at the Alfred Street Baptist Church.

Senior Youth  Ministry

Age 13 – 18

The Senior Youth Ministry dedicates time, love and energy to foster the personal spiritual growth of the teens at ASBC. Our main mission is to lead the youth to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, empower and equip them to be Christian examples and leaders everywhere they go, and to build fruitful relationships as their mentors.

Single Parents Ministry Program


The Single Parents Ministry program supports, strengthens, empowers, and equips single parent families in the areas of personal wellbeing, parenting and relationship building. We help our single parents by providing relevant seminars and workshops, service opportunities, and recreational activities. We help single parents establish friendships, serve God together and go deeper in their relationship with the Lord.

Undergraduate College Student Outreach Ministry


The Undergraduate College Student Outreach Ministry’s (UCSOM) purpose is to serve undergraduate college students (Ages 17 -25) who are actively enrolled in the current academic school year (August –May). The ministry seeks to encourage and strengthen students’ spiritual growth and relationship with God while in college. UCSOM serves as a resource to further deepen their faith by focusing on fellowship and community outreach.

Student Requirements:

  • ASBC Member ( Must have received the Right Hand of Fellowship)
  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate college student with an active .edu account
  • 10 hours Community Service-Must be completed during the current academic school year and verification will be required (Community Service Outside of ASBC allowed and/or ASBC Community Service Event Encouraged)

Women’s Ministry


The Women’s Ministry strives to support spiritual and emotional growth of all women we encounter. We are committed to inspiring women to strengthen their relationship with God by connecting with a community of sisters in the faith.

Young Adult Ministry


The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) serves men and women ages 21–-39. This ministry seeks to encourage and equip young adults to grow and strengthen their relationship with God as well as to help create and grow connections of young adults to the body of Christ .YAM serves as a resource for young adults to deepen their faith through practice by focusing on fellowship, community outreach, spiritual growth, and personal/professional development.