Ready to move from crowd to community?

After you experience worship on Saturday or Sunday, it’s time to get connected in a Village Monday-Friday where you can grow in your faith journey. For 11 weeks you will gather with a group of 10 people for fellowship, sermon discussion, and prayer. In the midst of this pandemic E-Villages are the best way to stay connected with your Alfred Street family. It’s completely online, safe, convenient, and you’ll become a better Christian!

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How do I sign up?

Sessions are held each year in the Fall and Spring. In the weeks before the session begins, an announcement will be made alerting you to the commencement of the registration period of the upcoming season. Simply complete the form and you will be assigned to an available Village.

What’s the vision?

To create a church where everyone is connected in family, growing in their faith, and supported towards their future.

What’s the goal?

To offer an opportunity for every member of Alfred Street to move from crowd to community and get connected as they would in a small church. Village discussions will also help people apply sermons to their lives leading to spiritual growth and transformation. Our church will feel smaller and will eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

What’s the target audience?

Village is an experience offered to everyone in the ASBC community ages 21 and up. Village picks up the baton where our Kid’s Street, Crossover, and Higher Ground programs drop off.

Where do Villages meet?

All Villages meet online via Zoom video chat. Our church will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and will consider the return to meeting in homes in when it is deemed safe.

When do Villages meet?

Most Villages gather at 7 pm with the exception of our daytime Villages geared towards our “seasoned saints.” You can choose the day of the week that works best for you as Villages are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Are there any Villages offered during the weekend?

Right now we don’t have Villages on Saturdays or Sundays, but we’re exploring new opportunities for community building in the future.

Is there a registration cost?

No, Villages are free to join!

Can I join with my family?

Yes, we encourage spouses to join the same Village, but each couple has to sign up individually.

How does the curriculum work?

We use a live curriculum which means that each week you gather your Village will be discussing the sermon from the previous weekend. Participants receive the curriculum late Sunday evening. It includes a sermon summary, discussion questions, group activities, and an optional individual homework assignment. Village curriculum is created by a dedicated team of educators within ASBC who work with Pastor Wesley as he prepares and delivers weekly sermons.

What if there isn’t a Village in my area?

Contact a member of the Village team and let us know. We are working to expand Village offerings across the DMV because every member of Alfred Street should be connected in family. We have a limited number of E-Villages and remote Villages for ASBC community members who live outside of the DMV.

What is a Remote Village?

A remote Village is any Village that meets in a physical location outside of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Currently we offer remote Villages in Philadelphia, PA, Saint Louis, MO, and Springfield, MA. If you would like to start a remote Village in your area please fill out the host or facilitator sign up form.

What’s an E-Village?

An E-Village meets online via Zoom Video software. Please pay careful attention to the time zone designation when registering for an E-Village. These Villages used to be offered exclusively for those who live outside of the DMV, but in light of the current pandemic all Villages will meet in an online format.

What if I don’t like my Village?

You can request to switch your Village during the first three weeks of the Village season.

What if I’m placed on the waitlist?

Just hold tight, we’ll contact you as soon as a space opens in the Village you requested or in another nearby Village.

What’s happening with discipleship groups?

Village is an optional 10-week journey providing opportunities for intimate community building and spiritual growth in convenient settings (near the home, on a chosen day of the week). Every member of Alfred Street will remain in their DG group which serves as the nexus for pastoral care. Death, illness, financial crises are all still assisted by your assigned deacon. Your Village will supply an extra level of familial support, but DG groups are the church’s way of organizing how we provide care year round.

What’s the structure of a Village?

Villages consist of 8-14 participants, led by a pair of co-facilitators and one host. The Village steering committee consists of 14 deacons who run the daily operations of Village and also provide spiritual support to all of the facilitators. The steering committee currently has three auxiliary branches: an evaluation committee that gathers and organizes feedback, a marketing team which works to get every ASBC member in a Village, and a curriculum team that writes the sermon guides each weekend. Fredericka Sands, Assistant to the Pastor for Village, oversees the Village project while also helping facilitators connect Villagers with ASBC’s support ministries: Grief Share, AGAPE, Legal Resources, Divorce Care, Cancer Care, and Recovery Ministry.

Village Schedule

A week begins with everyone watching the Sunday (or Saturday) sermon at whatever worship service is convenient for them. Then your whole Village will gather on the designated day of the week to pray, discuss the sermon, and fellowship.

Winter/Spring 2022 Village Schedule:

Week 1: Monday, February 7th — Friday, February 11th
Week 2: Monday, February 14th — Friday, February 18th
Week 3: Monday, February 21st — Friday, February 25th
Bye Week: No Gathering Monday, February 28th — Friday, March 5th
Week 5: Monday, March 7th — Friday, March 11th
Week 6: Monday, March 14th — Friday, March 18th
Week 7: Monday, March 21st — Friday, March 25th
Bye Week: No Gathering Monday March 28th – Friday April 2nd
Week 9: Monday, April 4th — Friday, April 8th
Week 10: Monday, April 11th — Friday, April 15th