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-A Progressive Journey Worth Taking-

Hi there! So glad you stopped by. Keep reading, we have some great information for you to use if you are participating in SEEK 2023 or not. SEEK 2023 is ASBC’s 40 day time of prayer and fasting. Pastor Wesley and the teams of Alfred Street are excited and have been diligently working to provide everything you need to progressively succeed.

Take note of these most valuable resources as we move ahead and begin familiarizing yourself with the website, registering for the fast and all related notifications. Pastor Wesley preached a dynamic sermon to help us prepare, he and Dr. Judy will be sending out their personal worship playlists, an electronic daily devotion will be made available and Rev. Marla has created some fast friendly recipes. All of which will help us be progressive and encouraged to stay on the journey!

By now, you may be asking- what’s with the progressive theme? Well, in pondering on how to not only encourage myself but you also- I honed in on the word progressive as I read the SEEK 2023 information on the website. Let us take a closer look at this word:

Progressive- /prəˈɡresiv/ adjective “happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.

The word progressive and its definition caught my attention as we enter into this season of SEEK 2023. Say it slowly with me, pro-gre-ssive. As I rolled the word over in my mind, I instantly felt a sense of relief. Relief because the response often offered at the turn of a new year- is a rapid fire one filled with “resolutions” that seldom manifest fully. Yet, there was something about reading the word progressive as it relates to the fast that just rushed warmth all over me. This allowed for time to let the meaning and benefit of the word to penetrate the spaces of my concern as well as re-create the narrative around the defeatist emotions I was feeling and the words I was saying.

I will admit that I have “fasting anxiety”. Which likely culminates more to me having a fear of failing or even deeper- relinquishing “control”. I typically start off extremely strong, but near the mid-point I begin to fall off and out of sync with my fasting goals. I become discouraged and ultimately just stop all together. This leaves me feeling defeated, guilty and honestly like a bad Christian.

But it was something about reading the word progressive this time around that really resonated with me. As I stated, I felt a sense of relief. I felt a peace that I would not ordinarily associate with a fast. I feel inspired and encouraged. I feel God’s grace- not to just do it, but to progressively work at doing it, working in a way to meet goals incrementally and most importantly abiding with God in the process.

What response do you hear when you say progressive? What do you feel? Where do you feel it? How does this help you?

As you embark on SEEK, allow the empowerment that surrounds the progressive nature of the journey to guide, encourage and fortify you. Your season of SEEK 2023 is personal. There is no need for comparison or competition with anyone other than yourself. Perhaps that can be your personal challenge- to be better than you were this time last year, last month, last week, or the last moment.

Finally, take away a message from Paul to the Philippian church. Paul writes in Philippians 1:6 (ESV) “And I am sure of this, that He who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” I believe this to be a word of encouragement to us- even today. Be encouraged to be patient, gracious, honest, aware, prayerful and goal oriented in order to spiritually progress one step a time. Let this time of SEEK 2023 be your progressive, yet intentional time to grow closer to God as He works a good work in you!

The Counseling Team: Marcia, Jorge, Michele and myself have 40 Self-Care reflections, tasks and tips to help you through SEEK 2023:

This is a compilation of self-care tips we have created and collected to help guide you on this journey. You are encouraged to use your journal to capture and commemorate your time with God and the time you give back to yourself in the form of care and reflection.

1. Practice Gratitude.
2. Get more rest.
3. Meditate – start with just a couple of minutes.
4. Do something for someone else.
5. De-Clutter = De-Stress
6. Manage moments of disappointment.
7. Listen to your body.
8. Create space and boundaries for yourself.
9. Make a preventative self-care plan.
10. Count your wins every day.
11. Do something to nourish your mind.
12. Do something to nourish your body.
13. Do something to nourish your spirit.
14. Track what you are focused on.
15. What are your physical care goals?
16. What are your soul care goals?
17. What is your self check-in process? Use it for a week and reflect.
18. Practice unwinding at the end of the day.
19. Get in touch with your spiritual and emotional self. What does this look like for you?
20. Ask yourself the tough questions, who, what, when, where and why. Reflect and write.
21. Write out a personal practice plan for compassion and self-acceptance.

22. Today, listen to your feelings.
23. Set my limitations on things
24. Meditate on what you consider to be imperfections.
25. Pray for help to see yourself as God see’s you.
26. Affirm that you can fail, fall and get back up again.
27. Pray and ask God to shift your perspective on things you deem as negative in your life.
28. Invite the Holy Spirit to lead your internal dialogue.
29. Focus on the value you add to this world.
30. Focus on the purpose God has placed in you.
31. Ask for strength if you are unclear about your purpose.
32. Affirm that you will use your gift to allow God to direct your path.
33. Remember, God hears your heart.
34. Affirm that you are seen and heard.
35. Do something to celebrate you! Why? Because you are awesome.
36. Reflect- do I need to ask for help? If so, what help do you need?
37. Reflect- am I willing to accept help? If no, why?
38. Affirm- you are worth taking care of.
39. Think about something funny. Now, LAUGH!!!!
40. Accept God’s gift of grace.

Drop us a line at and tell us how you are doing!

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