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January is Start with Self-Love Awareness Month

Self-love, a term often thought to be prideful and egotistical is quite the opposite from the perspective of a believer- at least it should be based on what the word of God says. The Bible is clear as God gives instructions to us to love others as we loves ourselves. But how do we accomplish this? Such an awareness requires us to dive deeper into WHO God is and the EXTENT of His love towards us- His children. We have heard in Sunday school and sermons that God is love-perhaps we should consider the human benefits of this Divine act.

In this season as we prepare for SEEK 2022, let us make a commitment to start with self-love. Different from “a self-help” approach, let us affirm in our lives a healthy sense of self, improved self-esteem and a plan to practice on purpose a consistent regimen of self-love the way God intended.

Consider these tips to get started:

1. Reconnect.

Read scriptures that help you to reflect on self-love and God’s love toward us. Suggestions below.

2. Reflect.

Select a few passages that you connect with and mediate on them. Take time to sit with the words that you have read and allow them to speak to and encourage your heart, mind, body and spirit.

3. Record.

Write down positive, present tense, doable, believable and faithful affirmations from your time of reconnection and reflection. Keep it near and refer to it through the upcoming season of SEEK and especially as an aid to practices the promises you have made for your personal journey towards an enhanced self-love.*


Recommended scriptures:

  • Psalm 139: 13-14:
  • Ephesians 2:10:
  • John 13:34:
  • John 3:16-
  • I Corinthians 13:4-8

Psalm 36:7*Take time to update your self-care plan using ASBC’s guide to self-care found at:

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