Chairperson – Deacon Charles Monterio Jr.,
Vice-Chairman – Deacon Russell Easter
Secretary – Deacon Kevin Youmans

The deacons serve in support of the Pastor in shaping the vision of the church in worship, as spiritual leaders, and giving guidance to all ministries and discipleship groups of the church. ASBC is tremendously blessed to have 111 Deacons called by God, to serve and care for His people at Alfred Street Baptist Church.

Disciple Group 1
Deacon Bernard Grant
Deacon Lisa Grant

Disciple Group 2
Deacon Barbranda Walls
Deacon Hal Walls

Disciple Group 3
Deacon Tia Johnson
Deacon Alvin Phillips

Disciple Group 4
Deacon Stephanie Cunningham
Deacon DeWayne Reed

Disciple Group 5
Deacon Ethan Carr
Deacon Maurice Nabritt

Disciple Group 6
Deacon Alan Boykin
Deacon Kathlyn Boykin

Disciple Group 7
Deacon Carroll Hebron
Deacon Erin Payne

Disciple Group 8
Deacon Anginetta Jordan
Deacon Kendel Thomas

Disciple Group 9
Deacon Bessie Johnson
Deacon Peggy Randall

Disciple Group 10
Deacon Lorraine Sanders
Deacon Chuck Thomas

Disciple Group 11
Deacon Beverly Overby
Deacon Charles Whitmore

Disciple Group 12
Deacon Keith Graham
Deacon Charles Perkins

Disciple Group 13
Deacon Larnce Robinson
Deacon Kenneth Williams

Disciple Group 14
Deacon Steronica Mattocks
Deacon Justin Simmons

Disciple Group 15
Deacon Earnestine Easter
Deacon Kevin Green

Disciple Group 16
Deacon Juanita Davis
Deacon Mark Montgomery

Disciple Group 17
Deacon Lynette Garrison
Deacon Terrill Garrison

Disciple Group 18
Deacon Deborah Crawford
Deacon Vernell Howell
Deacon Aaron Watson

Disciple Group 19
Deacon Bernard Jackson
Deacon Hope Kent

Disciple Group 20
Deacon Tshaka Cunningham
Deacon Angela Moore

Disciple Group 21
Deacon Lawrence Clark
Deacon Kimberly Randle

Disciple Group 22
Deacon Ricardo Byrdsong
Deacon Alma Haygood

Disciple Group 23
Deacon Elizabeth Middough
Deacon Larry Sherrod

Disciple Group 24
Deacon James Collins
Deacon Mark Morris
Deacon Wanda Smith

Disciple Group 25
Deacon James Clemonts
Deacon Judith Hammett

Disciple Group 26
Deacon Donald Hill
Deacon Lolita Youmans

Disciple Group 27
Deacon Karen Jenkins
Deacon Necholus Ogden Jr.

Disciple Group 28
Deacon William Jackson
Deacon Patricia Owens

Disciple Group 29
Deacon James Bender
Deacon Lorraine Phelps
Deacon Doris Winstead

Disciple Group 30
Deacon Geri Tucker
Deacon Carlton Willis

Disciple Group 31
Deacon Curtis Baylor
Deacon Johnny President

Disciple Group 32
Deacon Anthony Howard
Deacon Allyson Hilliard

Disciple Group 33
Deacon John Rosenthall
Deacon Jacqueline Parham

Disciple Group 34
Deacon Sandrine Rukundo
Deacon Jimmy Edwards

Deacon Winston Gaskin
Deacon Willard Jasper
Deacon Nancy Myrick
Deacon Charles Perkins
Deacon David Rollins
Deacon Earl Stafford, Jr.
Deacon Earl Stafford, Sr.
Deacon Amanda L. Stafford

Deacon Leo Brooks
Deacon Francis Crawford
Deacon Mary Wair
Deacon William Willis

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