Well Being

Divorce Care Ministry

Divorce Support and Education
Virtual Meetings – Contact: divorcecare@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Ms. Felicia Jones

DivorceCare is a ministry for adults who journey together through one of life’s most difficult experiences – the breakup of a marriage. It is a divorce recovery support group that provides a safe and sacred environment for those hurting from separation and divorce to find hope and healing. Confidentiality is an important and respected part of the DivorceCare Ministry, therefore registration is required. Participants must also agree to sign and honor a covenant agreement to ensure that when we gather we are doing so in safe and sacred space.

Faith on Canvas Ministry

Sessions, Events and Outings announced as planned Contact: foc@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Ms. VaLorie Fogle

FAITH ON CANAS extends the opportunity to members to worship, study of God’s Word, learn the basics of painting and fellowship with artists to create great artwork for the church, outreach ministries, and community. Additionally, Faith On Canvas can, but is not limited to: creating live visual art for services, creating gallery spaces for enjoyment and meditation, creating art that is positioned permanently or seasonally around the church and church business building, creating interactive art, sensory or “sacred space” experiences for the congregation, using the arts in community outreach–taking arts performances to nursing homes, shelters, schools, etc., employing the arts as learning tools for youth (eventually), using the arts in counseling and therapy, using the arts spontaneously as a means of conveying prophetic messages, offering arts classes and workshops, and much more.

Grief Share Ministry

Learning to grieve well is intentional by honoring what rises up in your heart. No matter the circumstances or how long it has been, the grief journey can be a painful process.

Grief Share is a ministry designed to help individuals process the death your loved one. Our 13-week biblically-based online program is comprised of three components: workbook, video, and small group discussions. Each component allows participants an opportunity to unpack their heart in a safe & sacred space. In our weekly community, you’ll cry, laugh, grow, and celebrate life by honoring the legacy of your loved one by moving from mourning to joy.

Adults over the age of 18 are welcome, please join any of our sessions or events. Registration is required, contact our ministry for details at griefshare@alfredstreet.org.

Sessions (13-weeks) 1-Day Events
  • Spring (March – May)
  • Fall (Sept – Dec)
  • Loss of a Spouse (Sept)
  • Surviving the Holidays (Nov)

Hannah’s Prayer Ministry

Meetings and Events announced as planned Contact: hannahsprayer@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Mrs. Tiffany Watson

Hannah’s Prayer is a ministry whose purpose is to unite the population within Alfred Street Baptist Church that struggle with various forms of infertility. Through an understanding community of those who are entering, in the midst of, or on the other side of their infertility journeys, Hannah’s Prayer pools its collective resources to provide prayer, spiritual support, and educational guidance for its members.

Health and Wellness Ministry

Contact:  health@alfredstreet.org

The Health and Wellness Ministry (H&WM) assists members of Alfred Street Baptist Church in keeping their “temples” of God healthy for service, by promoting an ongoing awareness of the importance of good health. H&W’s primary mission is to provide tools and resources necessary to develop a healthy mind and body. H&W provides educational seminars, information sessions and other preventative measures to improve the overall health status of our members, their families, and the community at large.

If you would like to join our ministry and assist with upcoming initiatives, please contact us at health@alfredstreet.org

You do not have to be a health professional or in the health field. If you are tech savvy, have good organizational and planning skills or simply a passion for helping others, come join us.

2021/2022 Initiatives:
Virtual Urban Gardening
Virtual Get Fit Activity
Health Equity Info session
National Health Observance/Awareness
Virtual Healthy Eating/Healthy Cooking Demonstration/Cookbook

HIV/AIDS Ministry

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Support and Education
Virtual Meetings Saturdays; 1 time per month Contact: hivaids@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Mr. Phil Sain

This ministry provides HIV and AIDS education and support, and imparts prevention methods to ASBC members and the community. People whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS will find loving support through participation in local, national and worldwide initiatives, counseling and testing, collaboration with local health departments, training opportunities, conferences, ministry publications, video and guest speaker presentations, meetings and engagement in prayer. Please see the ASBC E-Blast for meeting times and locations.

Recovery Ministry

Virtual Meetings Wednesdays @ 7pm Contact: recovery@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Mr. Irvin Moore

Getting Real – Recovery on the Southside – The Recovery Ministry offers a safe, welcoming, and confidential environment where people can get honest about the issues that are interfering with their lives. We provide Christ-centered peer support groups that are similar to the 12-step model of AA, and actively work to encourage spiritual development through the practical application of Biblical principles and disciplines. Our members are pursuing recovery from a variety of issues including but not limited to: alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive eating, compulsive spending and codependency.

Beauty for Ashes Ministry

Sessions, Events and Outings announced as planned Contact: beautyforashes@alfredstreet.org
Ministry Leader: Malaika Hines

The Beauty for Ashes Ministry supports women impacted by the traumatic experience of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our ministry aims to promote wellness and self-care through education, encouragement, and support. This holistic approach encompasses aspects of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Widows & Widowers Ministry

Contact: waw@alfredstreet.org

When wives and husbands find themselves alone after facing the death of a spouse, so many things about their life change. They find themselves in the second phase of life, which is where this ministry seeks to serve. Distinct from counseling sessions and support groups, our purpose is to foster a safe environment where widows and widowers can grow comfortable in their new identity. Our focus is encouraging participants to trust the Lord with their lives through connection and activities.