Professional Staff


Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Senior Pastor
Melissa Krothe, Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor


Lolita Youmans, Church Administrator
Mia Manson, Executive Assistant to Church Administrator

Audio/Visual Multimedia

Bobby Lacey II, AV/Multimedia Manager

Communications and Marketing

Carla Welborn, Communications and Marketing Director


Rev. Dr. LaTasha Morgan, Assistant to the Pastor – Counseling

Creative Production and Special Projects

Brooke Watson, Creative Production and Special Projects Manager

Information Technology

Tarus Nelson, Information Technology Director


Rev. Marla Hawkins, Culinary Manager / Assistant to the Pastor – Children

Facilities & Maintenance

Rodney Cannon, Facilities Manager


Rev. Dr. Sedric Roberts, MBA, Finance Director

Human Resources

Ayoka Jack, Director of Human Resources


Rev. Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams, Sr. Assistant to the Pastor and Director of Christian Education
Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque, Assistant to the Pastor – Small Group

Music and Worship Arts

Dr. Joyce Garrett, Music and Worship Arts Ministry Director

Security and Safety

Vincent Jones, Security and Safety Manager

Worship Experience and Ministries

Rev. Sylvia Dayton Jones, Worship Experience and Ministries Director