New Members/Disciples

We are pleased that you have decided to make Alfred Street Baptist Church your new church home! As you begin your journey, we trust that each step will enlighten you about our church family. At Alfred Street, our members are called disciples.


New Member/Disciple Orientation Class

The week following your completion of the intake form, you’ll receive written information about classes you’ll need to take during your new disciple on-boarding process. During the process you are required to attend one New Member Orientation Class (NMO). If you are a candidate for baptism, you are also required to attend the Pre-Baptism Class and then be baptized. Then you will be eligible to receive the Right Hand of Fellowship (RHOF).

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The ordinance of baptism by immersion is commanded in the Scriptures. All who repent and believe on Christ as Savior and Lord are to be baptized as they are physically able and have opportunity. (Matthew 28:19, 20; Acts 8:26-38). Baptism is an outward sign of an inward spiritual renewal and rebirth. It symbolizes death, burial and resurrection. Thus, we who are baptized declare to the world that we have died with Christ and that we also have been risen with Him to walk in newness of life. Baptism at Alfred Street Baptist Church generally occurs on the Saturday before the first Sunday of the month at the 6pm service. (I Corinthians 5:17; Acts 10:47–48; Rom. 6:4)


Right Hand of Fellowship

The Right Hand of Fellowship at Alfred Street Baptist Church is extended generally on the Saturday before the second Sunday of each month at the 6pm service. The Pastor or other clergy, and official leaders of the church will extend the Right Hand of Fellowship to new disciples to signify your discipleship in the church. Then you will have rights and privileges, as determined by your discipleship status.

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