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Wife needs prayer she's been having varicose veins in her leg for her blood doesn't fluoride it stays in her leg her blood is not going to her heart like it should be she really needs all the prayers she can get she takes care of two children she does not work I'm the one that works and pays the bills plus she needs prayer for her right ear you can hear out of it but she can't hear out of it like it should be it's been like that for almost 2 years but we are in a situation that we have to move at Halloween and I'm the one that is supporting the family and I am doing everything and she takes care of her children and I need God to open the door to help me find a safe place for us to move to soon we do not have friends or family to help us out so I am in a bind and I have children and it does get stressful hopefully God will open the door for our family he knows all our needs and we really need this because we do not want to get separated and go to a shelter our kids have never been separated from us and we know that if you ask God for help he will listen and he will do whatever he needs to do plus our kids in Got behavior issues going on right now and we pray that they just leave our son's got muscle tone our son's got speech problems our son gets physical therapy and occupational therapy and he does get special education our daughter gets special education they are trying to evaluate her at school to see if she gets it and we know that God's going to make a way for her to get it because that's the only help the school gives her plus our daughters got ADHD with our son plus our daughter has odd dmdd there's a lot going on with our kids we believe in miracles we just hope God opens the door as soon as possible because we have to be out of here Halloween day and we have nowhere to go and we don't like asking for help but in this time we need help and we need all the prayers we can get and we appreciate all the prayers and God bless you me and my husband's been married 17 years almost our son is 6 years old our daughter is almost 9 years old and I have another daughter that lives 6 hours away from us that is pregnant right now and she's got cyst on her ovaries and she is 23 weeks pregnant and she needs all the prayers she can get she is almost 23 or 24 years old and supposedly her baby is supposed to be here January the 20th and we pray to God that her baby does not come early with all her health issues and and my wife and my kids we don't know about our other daughter that lives 6 hours away we have extra chromosomes at the 16th pair syndrome and that causes a lot of health issues and we bind Satan's trap we are a child of God and we believe in miracles and we really need a miracle

Received: September 21, 2023