Alfred Street Baptist Church has donated $1,079,287 under a Tithe-the-Tithe Initiative and donated the funds to 69 community-based and national organizations to support those impacted by COVID-19.

On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, ASBC’s pastor, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, announced in his sermon that 10% of all tithes raised will be donated to the community. “I believe that the black church has the opportunity and the obligation to reach into segments of our community that are always overlooked by government,” he said. “We’re taking 10 percent of everything that is raised every week and donating it to organizations that are on the front lines fighting and dealing with the coronavirus.”

Key partners in the initiative include Microsoft and Apple, both of which have provided technology to support distance learning for underserved children.



Among the organizations that received funding to support COVID-19 initiatives were Children’s National Hospital for testing of children; Simon Elementary School, in a partnership with Microsoft for Go Tablets for every student; Hopkins House Preschool Academy for daycare for essential workers; Unity Health Care for personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies and medicine; Polk Elementary School for iPads for special-needs children to aid distance learning; D.C. Rape Crisis Center for a new database system to help meet emerging and transition needs of providing tele-health services to survivors of sexual violence and emergency crisis support sessions to survivors of sexual violence; Bright Beginnings for supplies for remote learning; Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington for safe space for childcare for first responders and frontline workers; and Union Baptist Church, Hartford, CT for providing hot community breakfasts.

The Tithe-the-Tithe Initiative is helping other churches that have had to close during the pandemic. “There are smaller churches that minister to people in real and relevant ways that don’t have resources [that ASBC has], and during this season of not being able to worship, some of them may struggle financially…. So one of the things that we’re going to do is take some of that 10% and identify a church every week that we’re just going to give a love offering to. And this is because we are not competitors, we are brothers and sisters in the same work … and we want to support you with no strings attached.”

The initiative has also funded organizations that support victims of domestic violence, citizens returning from incarceration, and youth in crisis.

Tithe-the-Tithe Recipients

General Donations
  • Children’s National Hospital – through our SEEK2020 initiative to the oncology ward and Tithe the Tithe for COVID-19 testing for children
  • Simon Elementary School – 100% free and reduced lunch Title 1 school where the majority of the children are being homeschooled without technology. Partnership with Microsoft and purchased Microsoft Go Tablets for every student (267).
  • Hopkins House Preschool Academy – providing day care for parents considered essential workers (grocery store workers, bank tellers, delivery truck drivers, janitors, gas station attendants, garbage collectors, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and public safety officers (and the secretaries, file clerks, and clerical staff supporting them.
  • Unity Health Care – focuses on health care for our homeless neighbors, uninsured, and underinsured persons. Health care to 12 homeless shelters, 10 health clinics, and 1400 residents of DC Jail. Providing COVID-19 testing, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), supplies, and medicine.
  • Week of Feeding – giving to organizations who are providing meals and groceries to the community.
    1. ALIVE! (Alexandrians Involved Ecumenically) – providing groceries to Alexandria community weekly.
    2. DC Central Kitchen – providing groceries weekly in Washington, DC through area schools, meals to shelter, breakfast and lunch stations to families of students in the free and reduced lunch program.
    3. Martha’s Table – They distribute 8000 bags of groceries per week to the community. We will provide funding for 1000 bags of groceries for a week.
    4. Salvation Army National Capital Area – donation to their Red Shield Box initiative in which they provide bags of groceries to families. We’ll be sponsoring 100 boxes of groceries.
    5. Polk Elementary School – 10 iPads to children with special needs aiding their distant learning during COVID-19.
    6. LaColectiVA – prepare grocery bags and provide rent support to 30+ families in Herndon and Arlington that rely on labor jobs ~ have seen exponential decrease in these jobs due to the pandemic. Majority of these individuals are undocumented and non- recipients of stimulus checks. Given many recipients are renting rooms from families, they are unable to participate in rent strikes ~ high risk of homelessness or deportation.
    7. Capital Area Food Bank  – will enable Capital Area Food Bank to bless and feed over 18,750 individuals
  • Pathways for Housing will support housing and other special needs (i.e. mental illness, drug addiction); purchase of phone cards for clients; healthy food for those with chronic health issues (I.e. Diabetes, Cancer, and HIV/AIDS); hand sanitizer, food, & face masks for Pathways’ Teams to distribute to homeless neighbors; and medication for over 600 clients in need. 
  • LIFT-DC – humanitarian support and assistance to low income families in Wards 6, 7, and 8 in DC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LIFT families are facing unexpected and catastrophic emergencies every day, including wage or job. Funds will help the direct response to families’ financial hardship under COVID-19 restrictions, including emergency cash transfers of at least $1,400 to every single LIFT family; and boost the economic security of more than 800 low-income families nationwide and to over 100 DC families.
  • 91 Ways Foundation – will support 1500 students in Frisco, TX for this school year providing students with hot spots, IT support mental health support services, essential basic need kits such as hygiene kits, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, nutritional snacks, and groceries. 
  • Communities in Schools (CIS) of the Nation’s Capital – the Nation’s Capital is the local affiliate of a nationwide network of passionate professionals working in public schools to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. 
  • A Wider Circle – Support of homeless families as they find housing, providing them with clothing, furniture and household needs. Will support the Essential Support program ~ provides beds, dressers, tables, chairs, dishes, pots, pans, and other large and small home goods to families transitioning out of shelters, escaping domestic violence, or otherwise living without their basic need items. Individuals, families, government or nonprofit social service agencies ~ Center for Community Service allows people the opportunity to select the items they need, free of charge; each year, A Wider Circle furnishes the homes of nearly 4,700 families, helping to create the stability and dignity that everyone deserves. 
  • Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) – Promotes use of court-appointed volunteers for abused or neglected so they can be safe, have a permanent home, and opportunities. Funds will support transition-aged youth and families caring for relatives as an alternative to formal foster care. Groceries and basic need items to transition-aged youth and biological families caring for children. Replenishment of our Transitioning Youth Emergency Fund so that we remain prepared to address additional emergencies and needs for older youth as they prepare to age out of foster care during this unprecedented time. 
  • National Association of American Veterans (NAAV) – Financial assistance during COVID-19 pandemic for severely wounded Service members and disabled Veterans and families (including single parent Service members) for: emergency assistance; counseling referrals; respite care; legal assistance; employment support; and housing assistance. 
  • Community of Hope – Support to combat family and veteran homelessness, including assistance for food and housing; also funds to support COVID-19 testing for Ward 8 community, predominantly black & brown populations. 
  • Mission of Grace, Haiti – Support to mitigate drastic financial hardship due to COVID-19 and civil unrest. Funds will directly support: children’s orphanage (Children of Grace); elderly care (Home of Grace); educational needs (Grace Community Christian School); and health care (Mission of Grace Health Clinic).
  •  Chosen 300 – Philadelphia PA. Help maintain and increase food capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic for the homeless community of Philadelphia; provide fresh produce food services for seniors; provide funding towards cleaning, sanitation & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during Covid-19 pandemic; and provide assistance to essential staff supporting the COVID-19 response. 
  • Black Benefactors – a volunteer run giving circle that pools their resources and time to provide grants and support to organizations serving Black & Brown youth and families in the DMV. 
  • Our House Voices – for victims of domestic violence 
  • Damascus House Foundation – Recidivism and Re-Entry support 
  • The Nehemiah Project – Recidivism and Re-Entry support. Funding will support: Management of 3 houses in DMV towards housing of 24 patrons returning to society. Provisions for mental health counseling ~ The Nehemiah Project recognized that a key missing element along with no place to live or the rigors of finding employment after incarceration is the need for mental stability for a lot of returning citizens. Support for housing, meals, counseling, clothing, in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health.
  • Future Kings, Woodbridge VA – Future Kings is an entrepreneurial education program focused on STEM training whose target demographic is boys of color, grades 6 to 12, who are talented and motivated but economically challenged. This year’s program had 12 graduating seniors ~ all are attending college in the fall! Future Kings promised each student an educational scholarship but COVID-19 has decimated fundraising efforts. Alfred Street is proud to support Future Kings to help offset a portion of the scholarship for these deserving students.
  • Mt Ollie Baptist Church, Brooklyn NY – This year Mt Ollie Baptist Church celebrates 88 years of service to people and community. Even during recent storms and COVID-related impacts, the sanctuary continues to serve as a haven of support for members of the community. This contribution from ASBC will aid their recovery and continuation as a spiritual pillar and beacon of hope for their community.
  • The Donna Saunders Foundation, West Springfield VA – Donna M. Saunders Foundation, Inc., (DMSF) is a 501(c)(3) organization, committed to providing educational awareness to the public about breast cancer and provides financial support for those who are journeying through their treatment and recovery. They assist breast cancer patients with daily living and medical expenses. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they launched two specific Response Programs – a partnership with RX Catering DC and a transportation assistance program. Through RX Catering DC, an African-American, female-owned catering firm, they provide food service to healthcare workers in the DMV; partnering with to provide meals for patients who are unable to leave their homes and unable to have healthy meals. They also provide transportation services to patients for their treatments. This ASBC contribution will support breast cancer fighters during their courageous journey to healing.
  • DC Children’s Law Center – For over 20 years, the Children’s Law Center has been advocating for the District’s most vulnerable children ~ those who have been abused or neglected and families that have slipped through the cracks. The Center partners with hundreds of pro bono lawyers, pediatricians, and city officials and leaders to resolve issues specifically for children ~ each year serving more than 5000 children. Since COVID-19, the center has helped families secure computers and telephones to help children with virtual education and telehealth appointments. There are also increased concerns with the mental and behavioral health of students. Since COVID-19, 60% of surveyed parents recognize their children need help in this area. ASBC contributions will help provide needed support to these children. Additionally, it will help to fund PPE for clients, caregivers, adults in the home, and the Center’s staff for 6-12 months. 

More than $460,000 of the Tithe-the-Tithe Funds Raised Support COVID-19 Relief.

Blessing of Our Youth in Crisis
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW) – safe space for childcare for first responders and frontline workers during COVID-19
  • Collaborative Solutions for Communities (CSC) – housing placements for homeless youth and young adults
  • Peaches and Sour Cream Children’s Foundation (PSCF) – closing the literacy gaps that are fueling the School-To- Prison pipelines; closing the Invisible gaps for students in foster care. Funding to help defray cost for students’ books, learning materials, and healthy snacks, and safety gears needed to visit assigned sites to culminate all lessons taught/ learned; and funding for transportation and mass production copying
  • I Support the Girls (ISTG) (Chicago Chapter) – Collects and distributes essential items, including bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products, allowing women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress to stand tall with dignity. COVID-19 response: collecting and distributing over 2,000,000 products as a national organization.
  • Bright Beginnings – Provides comprehensive early childhood education and social services for up to 350 children and their families who are experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC. Mission is to provide children (0 to 5) with a safe, nurturing educational environment; prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn; and support the children’s parents so they can stabilize their home lives and progress toward self-sufficiency. During COVID-19, social distancing and the DC stay at home order pushed the center to distance learning. Funding will go toward supplies for remote learning tools.
  • Capital Youth Empowerment Program – Development of young black men ages 12-18, who are responsible and accountable; emotional and social development through mentoring and teaching; and partnering strategies with local schools and community programs.
Houses of Worship
  • Union Baptist Church Hartford, CT – Breakfast Program and Foodshare Outreach ministries ~ hot community breakfast every Sat & Sun; Distribution of free groceries twice per month to North End residents of Hartford (continuing for over 20 years); As COVID-19 has impacted Union community support, support will help to return to providing a hot community breakfast on Sat & Sun and increase service to at least one day per week; Purchase of additional food supplies for increased services, personal protective supplies, and operational cost of running the program; and Stipends for volunteers during the pandemic ~ helps local college students to replace much needed income while they are displaced
  • Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist Church Houston, TX – will enable Good Samaritan to sustain itself and support community even in time of operating on funds month to month…
  • Epps Christian Center Pensacola, FL – feeding and supporting the poor and homeless community of Pensacola for over 16 years; purchase and delivery of the large refrigerator they need to continue their service to the community.
  • Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Emporia, VA – Missionary Ministry and Outreach Program to better serve community members during pandemic; Outreach Program with utility bills, food, and rent when requested; and Support to elderly members with essential supplies (i.e. bleach, hand sanitizer, paper products etc.); and Young Adult Ministry with funds available to help youth in cases of emergency.
Domestic Violence
  1. Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence Services – Six-month iPhone SIM cards for 40 clients to be used for tele-heath and other supportive services; gift cards for 150 clients to help with basic supplies like pampers, utilities cost, supplemental food, laundry, etc.
  2. DC Rape Crisis Center – New database system to help meet the emerging, and transition needs of providing tele- health services to survivors of sexual violence during COVID-19, and beyond; Emergency crisis support sessions to survivors of sexual violence impacted by COVID-19; Transportation assistance to survivors of sexual violence who use public transportation, but due to COVID-19 can’t take public transportation because they are deemed in a high-risk health category; and Additional staff to respond to increased hotline calls from survivors of sexual violence during COVID-19.
  3. Community Crisis Services, Inc., Prince George’s County MD – Funds to support shelter opportunities for survivors of domestic violence in Prince George’s County Maryland in newly renovated Safe Passages Shelter; and Funding to support our Warm Nights Homeless Shelter. There are currently 170 men, women and children located in a hotel setting.
  4. Alexandria City Domestic Violence Program – Rental Assistance. Assistance for 15-20 families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Food Supplies. Staple items such to replenish the day to day needs of the Safe House and/or gift cards for approx. 40-50 families. Ancillary Medical Support. Funds to assist 15-20 families with prescription medications or acquired medical bills; they would be able to buy prescription drugs (i.e. insulin, high blood pressure medication, heart medication, etc), especially for those who have lost jobs and/or health insurance. Transportation. Aid 40-50 families with bus tokens for appointments (medical, attorneys, etc.); look for jobs; attend court, etc. Cell Phone Bills & Utilities. Assist 15-20 families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Support to elderly members with essential supplies (i.e. bleach, hand sanitizer, paper products etc.).
  5. Bethany House of Northern VA – Hotel accommodations; Apartment rentals; Food; Doctor visits; Medicine; Counseling; Referrals for vocational training and legal services; Life –skills training and empowerment training
Blessing of Children and Families
  • Mom’s House, Phoenixville PA – Because of COVID-19, single parents are having to make very difficult decisions about education goals due to limited financial resources (high school, GED, technical school or college). Mom’s House provides free safe and secure childcare from 3 months to age 5, so single moms can go to school. They feed the children nutritious meals, provide clothing, diapers, grocery gift cards, educational activities and other essentials, and prepare toddlers for pre-school. They are currently serving 18 children; and 15 single mothers who are able to pursue their education goals full-time. Food costs along average close to $1000/mo. Contributions will support the needed support that single parents can use to prepare themselves educationally for better lives during and after this pandemic. Will also support Mom’s House as the place where many kids can receive their most nutritious meal every day. 
  • Virginia Alliance of Family Childcare, Richmond VA – Their mission is the promotion of professional development of family childcare providers. The organization has 200 members serving approximately 1600 to 2400 children and families. In April of this year, they formed a coalition to support family childcare business owner as they cope with unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions will support costs of needed supplies; thermometers for temperature checks of the children entering into their programs; as well as hand sanitizer, Lysol, face mask, gloves and basic toilet paper and paper towels. 
  • Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) – AFAC’s critical mission is obtaining and distributing groceries, directly and free of charge, to people living in Arlington who cannot afford to purchase enough food to meet their basic needs. Since 1988, they have served the community by providing access to nutritional groceries to families allowing them to free up funds to pay for other basic needs like rent and utilities. Weekly, families are able to receive 40 pounds of groceries, choosing between chicken, fish, and hotdogs, a selection of breads, canned goods and their favorite fresh fruits and vegetables. Contributions from ASBC will help to tremendously! Since COVID-19, the need for their service has increased by nearly 45%. Contributions will aid the service of 2600 individuals a week. 
  • Gourmet Angel Food Bank, Alexandria VA – The Gourmet Angel Food Bank was established in April of 2020 shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic invaded the DMV area and several businesses were forced to close their doors. The impact this had on families in our communities was devastating. The Gourmet Angel Food Bank now provides FREE Meals to those impacted by COVID-19. Meals and Desserts are prepared by ASBC Entrepreneurs, distributed weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Deliveries are made available for seniors 65 and older. To-date, they have provided more than two thousand free meals to families, veterans, senior citizens, the homeless and to Medical First Responders in the DMV area since they began operations on April 22nd of this year! Contributions from ASBC will help to: provide healthy, nutritious meals to those in need in our communities and in communities around the world, especially during this pandemic season. Additionally, it will also support the training individuals in pursuit of learning culinary arts through apprenticeship and internship. 
  • The Campagna Center, Alexandria VA – The Campagna Center has serviced Alexandria City for 75 years. Started a diaper distribution program as a result of COVID. Since April 2020, 1300 families have signed up for diapers. For their early childhood programs, 99% of those served are between 100 and 185% of federal poverty. Contributions from ASBC will help towards purchasing of 40,000 diapers per month for 3 month. 
  • Edified Christian Prep Academy, Upper Marlboro MD – Edified Christian Preparatory Academy has served as a premier non-profit school that gives black and brown children a stellar education and edge in science, language, performance arts and overall STEM programs. Unfortunately, the impacts of COVID-19 have severely impacted its ability to continue to educate and prepare these young and gifted minds. Given lower enrollments, smaller staff to student ratios, and excessive costs associated with necessary COVID-19 measures for cleaning and sanitization, contributions are critically needed. Contributions from ASBC will help towards the offering of distance learning and in-person learning for elementary and middle school students in the fall. Funds will be used to provide both teachers and students with the necessary digital tools and licenses to make distance learning meaningful and impactful during this pandemic season.
Blessing of the Senior Community
  • Senior Connections, Richmond VA – Senior Connections continues to serve older adults and caregivers. They provide emergency needs for seniors by helping with rent, mortgage and utilities payments and provide home care services to support home care givers. Provide meals and programming to older adults throughout the Richmond Metropolitan Region from 20 of their Friendship Cafes ~ delivering 5 meals each week to 450 seniors. They also have a telephone check-in program for seniors. An average of 110 calls are being made each week to check on their well-being.
  •  Senior Services of Alexandria – The City of Alexandria’s senior population has grown to over 23,000 ~ more than 5,000 of these seniors live alone. Provide meals to Alexandria’s seniors through their Senior Nutrition Program, which includes their Meals on Wheels programs. Meals on Wheels is a life-sustaining program that allows seniors who are unable to leave their homes to shop, or have difficulty preparing a meal, to have two healthy meals a day delivered to their homes. They’ve also launched Caring Connection, serving the most vulnerable seniors. It offers daily meal delivery, but goes beyond the standard Meals on Wheels program to provide personalized health and safety checks managed by dedicated staff as part of the scheduled deliveries. 
  • Second Baptist Church of Richmond Eden’s Garden, Richmond, VA – As Second Baptist Church is located in a food desert, they partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to create Eden’s Community Garden ~ providing fresh healthy produce to seniors and other members of the church and the surrounding community. The Caring and Sharing Foundation was created in 2018 to leverage both the garden and church infrastructure to further improve the health of community residents. During COVID-19, they partnered with Human Foods of Richmond VA to provide ready to serve meals to over 200 families and partnered with wholesalers to assist with fresh fruits and vegetables. The blessing from Alfred Street Baptist Church will help provide fresh fruits, vegetables and ready to eat meals for 200 people for 10 weeks. 
  • Maryland Baptist Aged Home (MBAH), Baltimore MD – 2020 celebrates 100 years for MBAH ~ stands as the oldest African-American owned and operated nursing home in the state of Maryland! Offering a 29-bed, 24-hour comprehensive nursing care home holistic approach to ensure the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of residents. Serves predominantly low-income, older black and Latino adults, demographically the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. In spite of COVID-19, the proactive care of their guests has resulted in 0 cases or deaths. This blessing from ASBC will help provide essential help during this ongoing pandemic. Needed supplies and services during “full lockdown” of facility for safety of residents; PPE supplies, extra vigilance and testing for all residents and staff on regular basis.
Blessings of Food and Favor Part 2
  • United Community Ministries – The United Community’s food pantry is in dire need of support for its vast food distribution efforts within Alexandria, particularly Hybla Valley & Woodlawn communities. United Community partners with Neighborhood Health to deliver food to COVID-19 positive families. Between March and April 2020, the average number of individuals per week doubled. On average, the food pantry fed 1,314 individuals a week during May 2020 – a 293% increase from a year ago. That’s also 15.26% increase in the weekly average.
  • Bread for the City – Food distribution to low income families, especially during COVID-19 crisis. Also provides food, clothing, social, legal, advocacy, and medical services to 10,000 DC residents every month.
  • Miriam’s Kitchen – Ending chronic homelessness through food and shelter support to individuals and families. 
  • The Good News Community Kitchen – Throughout the year we will focus around our “Core Four” program initiatives: Mobile Meals, Hygiene Heroes, Trends to Transition and Warm Winters.
Blessings for Re-Entry & Restoration Programs
  • Restoration Praise Ministries Re-Entry Program – Serve at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth and adults with a special emphasis on returning citizens and families impacted by an incarcerated loved one.
  • Friends of the Guest House – Support for help women re-enter the community from incarceration.
  • Opportunities, Alternatives & Resources (OAR) – Rebuilding of lives and creation of a safer community with opportunities, alternatives, and resources for justice-involved individuals and their families.
  • Thrive DC Re-Entry Program – Assist individuals recently incarcerated and/or released from jail or prison to becoming successful returning citizens.
  • Bridging the Gap – Empowerment of formerly incarcerated persons, veterans, at-risk youth, substance abusers and the homeless.
  • SOME (So Others Might Eat) – a Washington, DC organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.
  • RuJohn Foundation – which provides tools for education to rural and inner-city schools of the United States and Jamaica
  • Mt. Helm Baptist Church (Jackson, MS)
Special Donations
  • Fairfax Central Baptist Sunday School Union – The Fairfax Central Baptist Sunday School Union (FCBSSU) is a union of Sunday Schools, including Alfred Street, northern Virginia. One objective of FCBSSU is to provide scholarships for high school students who graduate from union member churches. Due to the recent pandemic, they were unable to host events to raise funds. Nonetheless, there are students who are graduating from high school this year and would normally qualify for a scholarship. Request a donation of $1000 to support continuance of this scholarship program for this year.”
  • Children’s House of Virginia Baptist – Petersburg, Virginia – Their mission is to serve God through family, children and youth service ministries that strengthen families and improve the quality of life. This donation will be used to assist in the child care of special needs children and families whose income has been depleted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also this donation will be used to restore deteriorating facilities at the Children home of Virginia Baptist so they can continue to serve the community impacted baby COVID-19.
  • Neighborhood Health Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax County – Neighborhood Health is a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center that provides high quality primary care to approximately 30,000 patients in 13 clinics across Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County. Most of the patients are low income and uninsured or underinsured. Their patients are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and the positive rate is dramatically higher than the regional and state-wide rates. Neighborhood Health patients with, and at risk for, COVID-19 work as janitors, construction workers, cleaners, cooks, and in other roles in which social distancing is difficult. The health center is initiating a mobile COVID-19 testing program, with teams that will go into areas that see a need for testing. Funding from Alfred Street Baptist Church will be targeted towards this this initiative.
  • Prince William County Community Foundation, Inc. – Developed innovative way to help combat the food insecurity that exists in Prince William County call C.H.O.W – the Combating Hunger on Wheels. Retrofitted a vehicle to transport meals to neighborhood children in need. The C.H.O.W. Initiative meals-on-wheels program goes into communities and brings nutritious meals to local neighborhoods so that no child goes hungry.
  • Kingdom Life Fellowship Center – Louisville, Kentucky – This is a ministry of authentic worship and God-centered creativity focused on evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual & economic empowerment. Our donation will support their blessing in a basket ministry that delivers meals and toiletries to people throughout the city of Louisville. These individuals are in need of supplies due to the lack of resources, funds, and transportation.

Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley

Deacon Al Boykin, Committee Chair

R. Sylvester Owens,
Church Council

Rev. Marcia M. Norfleet

Deacon Lisa Grant

Deacon Ricardo Byrdsong

Deacon Steronica Mattocks

Deacon Mark Morris