This sermon series examines the signs of God’s presence and guidance in the wilderness. The forty year journey of the children of Israel in the wilderness mirrors the uncertainty of the pandemic journey we find ourselves in today. Wilderness seasons bring scarce resources, difficult grief, political upheaval, and fear, but they teach us how to trust God in a way we never had before. In the midst of the wilderness we always find out that God provides clarity, direction, and guidance through clouds.

Part 1
SERMON TITLE: The Ministry of Manna
SCRIPTURE: Deuteronomy 8:1–5

Part 2
SERMON TITLE: The Clarity of the Clouds
SCRIPTURE: Exodus 13:17–22

Part 3
SCRIPTURE: Numbers 14:5–16

Part 4
SERMON TITLE: Moses’ Mothers
SCRIPTURE: Exodus 2:1–10

Part 5
SERMON TITLE: What To Do In The Meantime
SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 29:4-14

Part 6
SERMON TITLE: A Different World
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 8:6-22