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If you would like to help Alfred Street Baptist Church as we assist our brothers and sisters in Flint, Michigan through our Flint Water Relief Fund – please consider giving over and above your regular tithes and offerings by indicating Flint Mission Relief on your offering envelope.

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The Missions Ministry of Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC) strives to fulfill and perform the duties of Matthew 25:35-36 with commitment, prayer, service, and dedication through community outreach within the church, local community and state; while developing national and international partnerships. God opens the door for evangelism and the witnessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for we are sent to serve God and the people of God.

Missions is committed to Building Disciples to Win the World through the four core values of Alfred Street Baptist Church: Evangelism, Excellence, Relationships, and Stewardship.
We provide resources for in-depth mission and evangelism education; promote a holistic method to missions augmented by a hands-on approach. We convene with and support the mission and ministry objectives of the Baptist General Convention of Virginia, Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, and the National Baptist Convention, USA.
All ASBC Missions events involve the community and a cause, as we invite and unite communities in and outside of our doors. The Missions Ministry is the legs of social justice. Domestic violence, human trafficking, and elder care are just some of the issues that affect us all in some way, shape and/or form; therefore, we urge you to come together to work for the common good-locally, nationally, and internationally.

Brother’s Keeper

The Brother’s Keeper Ministry (BKM) supports underserved families in the local community and the metro Alexandria area. It provides guidance and direction to the underserved community to meet their present and future needs, primarily in areas such as education, health and wellness, economic and spiritual matters. The major focus is to equip and prepare underserved children with the supplies for a successful school year.
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Christmas Tree of Lights

Every year ASBC shines the light of Jesus by making Christmas a little brighter for those less fortunate. Members share in the joy of giving anonymously to those in need, not just in our community, but in our church family. It may not be obvious, but we don’t have to look outside our church doors for families who are struggling. We provide gifts for needy families, helping them create a joyous Christmas memory. Gift tags are distributed annually from the Christmas Tree of Lights in the narthex in November. Wrapped gifts are returned to the tree in early December. The gifts are distributed to the families before Christmas.

Christmas Day Dinner

Through prayer, training and thanksgiving, we humbly prepare for the Christmas Dinner committing to love, serve, praise, minister to and meet the spiritual and physical needs of those who attend in God’s name. The annual Christmas Dinner benefits many men, women, seniors, boys and girls who may not have appropriate winter outerwear to keep them warm in the winter, and who may not have family to share the love of the Christmas season. We provide fellowship, food, coats, gifts, and spiritual enrichment to those who have nowhere to go for a traditional Christmas meal. Our goal is to offer those who attend a compassionate and caring environment that offers dignity, acceptance and Christ-like love to let them know that we are our Brother’s Keeper.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry is designed to prepare the church community to be effective witnesses of the gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ. The goal is to create a culture within the membership that makes evangelism a Spirit-led way of life by providing church groups and members with a series of interactive evangelism training opportunities.

Family Services

Third Saturday, 10:00–11:45 a.m.
Aware of the joys as well as everyday challenges faced by our congregation’s families, the Family Services Ministry’s (FSM) primary objective is to provide Alfred Street Baptist Church’s parents and seniors with spiritual support, information and referral, and fellowship opportunities through a number of family- and parent-themed workshops, ongoing programs and other activities that we host throughout the year.  Our activities are prayerfully designed to strengthen our Church’s overall body of Christ through the healthy functioning of our thriving families and seniors.  The FSM also works with external organizations in the community to provide donations and outreach assistance to families locally.

Food Closet

The Food Closet helps members and people in the community when financial struggles have left them in an emergency situation. This ministry provides food to children and seniors in our surrounding neighborhood to help bridge a gap that can occur during difficult times. The ASBC Food Closet assists individuals/families struggling with socioeconomic hardships with emergency food security. The outreach efforts are to remove the household insecurity of having insufficient or depleted food resources, primarily for children and seniors.

Graduate Luncheon

June each year
The Graduate Luncheon is a church-supported activity that has a long-standing tradition of recognizing graduates from pre-school through doctoral. This annual event has nurtured both the spiritual and educational development of its congregation since 1973. The luncheon represents ASBC’s commitment to encourage, support, and recognize the academic and scholastic achievements of its membership through the awarding of scholarships and public acknowledgement.

HBCU College Festival

February each year
The HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) College Festival is an annual weekend event held in February that attracts more than 3,000 high school students and their families from across the country. Students and parents meet with admissions counselors/representatives from over 70 HBCUs. Moreover, 60% of the schools conduct on-site admissions, and award academic scholarships.

In addition, participants attend both academic and financial seminars throughout the day, to learn more about the college admissions process, and financial aid requirements. The weekend concludes with HBCU Sunday, where the guest speaker, from an HBCU, is recognized during Sunday Worship Services at ASBC.

Hidden Halos

The Hidden Halos initiative seeks to share the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways through random acts of kindness. Through our “Kindness Movement” we strive to reimagine missions work in a fun, engaging, and viral manner. Our volunteer teams show up at grocery stores and gas stations to surprise people with gift cards and show up at schools to encourage students and teachers. We’re always looking for a new project ideas so email us if you have an idea for a great new Hidden Halo. Our charity work is not need based, but we believe that everyone in our community is in need of a kind smile and a gift.

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Jail and Prison Ministry

The Jail & Prison (J&P) Ministry of the Alfred Street Baptist Church shares a transforming gospel with those incarcerated at the Alexandria Adult Detention Center (ADC) and the Alexandria Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) to present an opportunity for the power of God to effect a change in their lives.

Legal Resources

In service and worship to God, the Legal Resources Ministry (LRM) seeks to provide exceptional legal advice and guidance to the spiritually devoted Alfred Street Baptist Church family. While keeping in mind the “weightier matters of the law” — JUSTICE, MERCY and FAITH — the blessed and talented members of this ministry shall collaborate with the various ministries of Alfred Street Baptist Church, legal aid ministries in our community, neighborhood churches and organizations regarding legal matters affecting the entire community.

Scholarship Committee

The committee gives scholarships to high school seniors who have been a member of ASBC for a minimum of two years and have participated in youth activities, on a regular basis, during the last two years of high school. The committee also assists undergraduate students who are having financial difficulties.

Social Justice Ministry

Social justice is at the very heart of Christian discipleship and faith. The Social Justice Ministry will work to equip, educate and mobilize the members of Alfred Street Baptist Church to further advance social justice causes in Alexandria, our nation and even our world. The ministry will seek to serve three primary roles as a: clearinghouse of information and opportunities to engage in social justice action and witness; a catalyst for incorporating a greater commitment to justice into existing church ministries and worship; and a convener of social justice events and campaigns. The ministry will build upon the great social justice work that is already taking place across the church and will seek to make Alfred Street Baptist Cchurch a leading vehicle and voice for justice.

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